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Technology Ideation LLC

Technology Ideation LLC is an advisory and consulting firm based in the Tampa area of Florida. We were founded on the idea that knowledge is key, and on the principles of continuous process improvement. Our passion for collaboration & information sharing, our vast network of technologies, services, & capabilities, and our reach across multiple fields & industries, allows us to provide our clients with a novel approach to ideation, innovation & solution development. We specialize in facilitating collaborations, identification of the new, novel & innovative, identification of diverse applications, identification of sources of funding & investment, and providing solutions for your current challenges & future needs.


Innovative Advising & Consulting

  • Identification of Funding & Investment Sources

    Access to our vast network to quickly identify current offerings within the Federal government, academia, venture capital, and philanthropy.

  • Emerging Technology Research (Identification of the New, Novel & Innovative)

    Comprehensive research on cutting-edge technologies enabling clients to leverage the latest advancements for competitive advantage. Access to our vast network to quickly identify the current state of the art within the full range from R&D through currently available products.

  • Partnership And Collaboration Facilitation

    Connecting clients with strategic partners and fostering collaborative opportunities to drive innovation and growth. In-depth analysis of clients’ technologies, introduction to applicable entities within our network, participation in initial meetings, and assistance in development of a roadmap for future success.

Why Us

A Unique Approach with a Vast & Diversified Network

  • Extensive Network

    Tap into our diversified network of companies, agencies, schools, labs & individuals for strategic connections and opportunities.

  • Resource and Expertise Access

    Gain access to cutting-edge technologies, services & capabilities for better solution development options and the right expertise to enhance your portfolio & competitive edge.

  • Empower Collaborative Advantage

    Leverage our network to explore partnerships, gain access to the new, novel & innovative, and stay ahead in your industry.

Innovative Collaborative Connections

Trust Us

Your Success is Our Success

Our focus is on your success and the most effective way to get you there. We believe this is best accomplished through two means. Input from multiple perspectives, and identification & facilitation of collaborations and partnerships. We can also demonstrate how our approach has driven innovation and propelled the realization of groundbreaking ideas.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

“I am delighted to provide a testimonial about Mr. Eugene Francis and his exceptional abilities in fostering multi-discipline collaborations across the DoD, academia, and the military industry base.

Mr. Francis possesses a remarkable talent for identifying and leveraging multi-use applications borne out of existing technologies while staying attuned to emerging trends across a wide spectrum of disciplines. His keen insight and meticulous research enable him to uncover cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to revolutionize various sectors and ultimately provide the tactical edge and strategic advantage in theater.

One of Mr. Francis's greatest strengths lies in his ability to effortlessly build trust amongst his peers and by leveraging an extensive network of contacts formulating a large following of like minded individuals into a community of interest. His ability to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds enables him to create fruitful partnerships and collaborations that continue to aid the furthering of ideas from conception to development. Through his strong interpersonal skills and strategic approach, Mr. Francis has consistently demonstrated his ability to bring together experts from different disciplines to solve complex problems. Serving as Director for Electronic Warfare representing the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, I personally value and appreciate the exposure to state of the art technologies presented to me and have leveraged several capabilities spawned from the disruptive technologies forum led by Mr. Francis for broadest dissemination to the engineering community.

Mr. Francis's breadth of technical knowledge across diverse areas is truly impressive. His deep understanding of various fields allows him to connect seemingly unrelated concepts and identify innovative solutions. His expertise serves as a valuable resource, providing guidance and insights to engineers, managers, and leaders in the corporate as well as military complex.

Moreover, Mr. Francis has an exceptional track record in driving ideation and innovation. His creative thinking and visionary mindset are instrumental in inspiring others and pushing boundaries. He fosters an environment of open-mindedness and encourages out-of-the-box thinking, which leads to breakthrough ideas and transformative projects.

Lastly, Mr. Francis's ability to organize and lead forums comprising multidisciplined engineers, managers, and leaders is unparalleled. His exceptional leadership skills and innate ability to inspire others ensure that these gatherings are productive and fruitful. Under his guidance, these forums become platforms for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and collective problem-solving.

In conclusion, Mr. Eugene Francis is an outstanding professional who excels in generating multi-discipline collaborations, identifying multi-use applications for existing and emerging technologies, building and leveraging networks, demonstrating broad technical knowledge, driving ideation and innovation, and organizing and leading forums. His contributions to the DoD, academia, and industry are truly invaluable, and his impact is felt far and wide. In short, Mr Francis demonstrated his dedication to pushing the boundaries that provide the capability advantage to our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines and definitely someone I would want on my team. ”

- Ashley (Ash) Sharma, Director, OUSD R&E Electronic Warfare

“It is my great pleasure to attest to the benefits provided by the unique skills of Mr. Eugene Francis in connecting providers of technology and cutting-edge hardware with DoD users with needs for those solutions.

There is a critical need to match current and near-future technologies with DoD needs. Mr. Francis has a rare ability to connect those in the DoD labs, industry, and academia with DoD users. He develops the relationships and extensive knowledge base to facilitate these connections. Whether by virtual interchange events or direct conversations of two or more individuals, Mr. Francis connects those with potential technical solutions with those having potential needs. His deep understanding of the breadth of the technologies allows for common ground that might to the average person be neglected. I have personally participated in these types of relationships, where the initial expectations of success were low, and yet, with a little guidance from Mr. Francis, very viable partnerships were made in areas that the participants had not expected.

Mr. Francis has a broad understanding of the various government organizations, who are searching for solutions. Between his extensive contact list and networking skills, he can find the user, who is already looking for a recently developed technical solution. In the same manner, his broad knowledge of the multidisciplinary work with DoD labs, companies, and universities provides him the connections to find the potential solution for current challenges.

I encourage all technical developers and technology users to seek a skilled individual like Mr. Francis to assist in helping with the development of the critical relationships for this type of work. Without the ability to connect those with solutions to those with needs, progress is hampered. ”

- Dean A Paschen, Director of Advanced Programs, FIRST RF Corporation

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